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Future clinical pharmacists are optimistic about their profession

The mission of the foundation is to develop clinical pharmacy in Armenia through advocacy for legislative changes and introduction of due regulatory environment. We believe clinical pharmacists are an integral part of healthcare system. Our programs are also directed to filling the educational gap and the scholarships awarded to clinical pharmacists aim to encourage the young specialists. Here are the stories of some of them:

Melanya Sahakyan

My initial goal was to become a doctor, but then things changed and I became a pharmacologist. And now I clearly understand, that this is my mission in life. I started working right after my studies and now I serve as a clinical pharmacist in Hematology Center after Professor R. Yolyan. I chose this professional to be closer to the doctors, to connect pharmacology to the clinic.

I still clearly remember the interview for this scholarship, it was super interesting. I heard questions that triggered my passion even more. I thought about these questions long after the interview. The foundation helped me understand the importance of my choice even more. Now I know I am not alone in my choice, there are people who share my vision.  It is one thing when you go alone along your professional path, but it is another thing when you know there are people who believe and back you. I started to love my profession more.

I hope the foundation launches educational programs one day, which will be a great opportunity for me to continue learning.

Sona Sargsyan

My love for the profession of pharmacologist comes from childhood. I was very interested to know how drugs help people, what is their impact. My goal is to work as a clinical pharmacist when I complete my studies. The scholarship awarded by the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my education and was a significant financial support for my family.

I am looking forward to foundation’s educational courses. For young specialists like me the value that the foundation brings is very important. Besides the scholarships, that take a huge burden from us, it is important to know there are people, there is a whole team that will help us to find employment as clinical pharmacists and not work as representatives of drug selling companies, which is what typically the alumni of our university do.

Kevork Khorozyan

I was born in Syria and moved to Armenia to continue my studies. I work as a pharmacologist.

My goal is to work as a clinical pharmacist. The scholarship I received from Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation was an important financial contribution for me, but it was more important for me as a future professional. It motivated me to grow and develop. I realized I should not worry about what will happen in future, instead I need to study more. This scholarship was of huge importance for me and I do not mean its financial aspect, which certainly was significant too.

I am committed to support the foundation in its projects and recommend it to others, specifically I am looking forward for its educational courses. I always tell my friends, “If your goal is to become a clinical pharmacist, then know that the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation is there to help”.