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Presentation of the research on the demand and development of clinical pharmacy in Armenia was presented

Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation and Civitta Consulting Company presented the results of a study on the development and demand for clinical pharmacy in Armenia. The research project took almost a year to finalize and is now available on the foundation’s official website. It consists of 4 components:

  • A study of international experience within which the development and characteristics of clinical pharmacy in seven countries,
  • Quantitative research of 400 patients in treatment in hospitals and polyclinics,
  • Qualitative research: expert interviews of more than 20 Armenian and foreign specialists, heads of state departments participated in interviews,
  • Armenian health sector research on issues related to clinical pharmacy.

Sargis Meliksetyan, executive director of the Vahe Meliksetyan Foundation, highlighted:

“We have conducted a very important research for our foundation and our country in general. I want to thank all those who supported us in this important work. The results of the research will soon be provided to all stakeholders in the public and private sectors of the RA health care system. We are sure that this research will lay a solid foundation for the development of the field.”

Anahit Adamyan, an expert partner of Civitta company, said:

“The results obtained at all stages of the research testify to the vital importance of clinical pharmacy in the healthcare system, we fully hope that this was an important step for the development and full establishment of the field.”