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9 students of Vanadzor primary school No. 28 will receive scholarships

For the past three years “Vahe Meliksetyan” Educational-Medical Foundation has initiated nominal scholarships for talented students in the higher grades of Vanadzor  Primary School No. 28 after Vahe Meliksetyan. Eight students were awarded the same scholarship last year. This year, nine students received scholarships:

  • Mia Alaverdyan 
  • Karine Aghabekyan
  • Nelly Zakaryan 
  • Alexi Gharabekyan
  • Vahram Shahinyan
  • Karina Stepanyan
  • Maria Halajyan
  • Aren Ananyan
  • Davit Manukyan

Each student will receive AMD 20,000 per month throughout the 2023-24 academic year. Additionally, Tatevik Vardanyan and Melanya Ghevondyan, esteemed teachers at the school, have been awarded monetary incentives.

Sargis Meliksetyan, the foundation’s executive director, expressed gratitude to all supporters and highlighted plans to extend this scholarship format to motivate students in other Armenian schools, especially those in border communities. By encouraging academic excellence, the foundation aims to invest in the future of these students, ensuring that scholarship awardees will grow into proficient professionals in their respective fields.